Fingerstick blood tests will be done on a global scale to streamline tests for genomic, proteomic and metabolomic tests for people at risk for sudden cardiac death. This will be done with dynamic EKG testing, smartwatch data, static EKG testing and echocardiographic information.  These tests will be done with a before and after a mini-stress (e.g treadmill or cycling or after a professional sport warmup period). All screening will be analyzed using proprietary machine learning to increase the sensitivity. This will be a global collaborative project not only in the USA, but Europe, Asia & Australia.


In collaboration with Verizon Wireless and Zipline (, life saving medications as well as AEDs will be used within restricted & exclusive Verizon Wireless networks in the USA, South America and Africa to deliver life saving medication, AEDs and equipment to under-resourced individuals to save their lives. Starting in Arizona, a pilot project will be done in collaboration with the Fire Fighter Association of Arizona and the Native American Tribal Nations.


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